May 22, 2017

Improvements and Mecha Battles - By Josh

It’s been a while since I last posted, mainly due to being busy working on the game. I’ve been focused on taking the original prototype Chris and I built and building in the improvements that became apparent while playing around with the prototype.

The prototype was great in that it allowed me to quickly see which parts of the game needed refining and it’s been very much an iterative process. It does mean things take a bit longer but hopefully it results in a better game overall.

Early example of Warborn battle sequence (GIF quality not great!)

The main changes are the way unit customization works, resolving combat and then the flow of the multiplayer is undergoing an overhaul. It’s going to take a while though and I’m probably only about halfway through so I’m looking forward to actually having a fully playable build of the game again.

Feels like everything is starting to come together, just a matter of perseverance and getting through my TODO list.

On the press side of things, Warborn was recently featured in a nice article about the Bristol game development scene along with 11 other games currently being developed in Bristol.

I also did an interview with StrategyGamer about Warborn and the inspirations behind the game.

– Josh