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Warborn (In Active Development)

Warborn is a turn-based strategy game for PC that blends elements from strategy and RPG genres.
Raredrop Games
In Warborn players take on the role of one of four unique commanders, manage their own strike force of anime inspired mecha and deploy them in tactical turn-based battles. Warborn
More details coming soon!
Planned Features
  • Turn Based Gameplay
    Players take turns commanding their strike force to victory, issuing orders to each individual unit during their turn.

  • Varied Tactical Options
    Move, capture, deploy reinforcements, lay traps and engage targets on the battlefield.

  • Animated Battle Sequences
    Dramatic animated sequences show combat unfold between mechs in close-up detail.

  • 10 Standard Mech Classes
    Players can form their strike force from a variety of different mech types, each which unique skills and attacks, strengths and weaknesses.

  • 4 Commander Mechs
    Choose from one of four different commanders, each has a unique play style, signature mech and commander abilities.

  • Strike Force Customisation
    Adjust the skills and stats of your mechs by earning and installing upgrade modules.

  • Online Multiplayer
    Ranked and private competitive online multiplayer for 1vs1 battles.

  • Local Skirmish
    Play matches against AI adversaries.

  • Single Player Campaign
    Story driven campaign with a variety of scenarios.


To The Throne

Trailer & Screenshots

To The Throne
To The Throne
To The Throne
To The Throne
To The Throne
Available now for iPhone®
To The Throne

The lastest game from Raredrop Games titled "To The Throne" is available now on iPhone®!

To The Throne is a minimalist puzzle game with GameBoy inspired visuals that follows the trials of a young king and his advisor as he earns the right to the true throne.

The original prototype was developed as an experiment during GameBoy game jam (GBJam) but has since evolved into something much more substantial.

  • Join King Kingsley and his royal advisor Bitsworth as they contend with the many challenges inside the Tower of Trials.

  • Solve fiendish puzzles to reach the Lesser Thrones and claim the scattered pieces of the Royal Emblem.

  • Reach each goal using simple block moving mechanics that are easy to learn but tricky to master!

  • Immerse yourself in a "medieval-retro-chiptune" soundtrack by Luke Thomas, now available on Spotify and iTunes.

To The Throne

iPhone® and iPad®

Classy Quest

Trailer & Screenshots

Classy Quest Classy Quest Classy Quest
Classy Quest Logo
Available now for iPhone® and iPad®
Classy Quest

Classy Quest is an arcade-style platformer/shooter all about slaying monsters, achieving a high score and changing classes while doing it!

  • Action packed arcade-style gameplay.

  • Run, jump and fight your way to a high score!

  • Collect crystals to unlock all 19 classes from Ninja to Fisherman.

  • Each class has a unique ability to aid you in your quest for a high score.

  • Find rare treasure keys to open chests and reveal prizes.

  • Attack with awesome and ridiculous weapons such as fireballs, shields, lightning, fish, cake, anvils and more!

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