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5 August, 2016

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To The Throne is a minimalist puzzle game with GameBoy inspired visuals that follows the trials of a young king and his advisor as he earns the right to the true throne.


To The Throne is the second title released by Raredrop Games and its second for iOS.


  • Join King Kingsley and his royal advisor Bitsworth as they contend with the many challenges inside the Tower of Trials.
  • Solve fiendish puzzles to reach the Lesser Thrones and claim the scattered pieces of the Royal Emblem.
  • Reach each goal using simple block moving mechanics that are easy to learn but tricky to master!
  • Immerse yourself in a "medieval-retro-chiptune" soundtrack by Luke Thomas, now available on Spotify and iTunes.


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Selected Articles

  • "While I’m still pretty early on in To The Throne, I’m enjoying it so far. The visuals are great, though the colors are a bit more vibrant than actual Game Boy tones, the medieval chiptunes are rad, and the controls are simple to pick up but difficult to master, of course."
    - Christine Chan, AppAdvice
  • "It's best described as 2011's puzzle platformer Catherine plonked on Gameboy and given a medieval theme."
    - Glen Fox, Pocket Gamer
  • "As a child of the '80s, I'm always down for the Game Boy aesthetic, which To The Throne does quite well."
    - Jared Nelson, TouchArcade

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Spotify open.spotify.com.

Original Soundtrack
iTunes itunes.apple.com.

About Raredrop Games

Raredrop Games is an independent games company based in Bristol, UK.

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To The Throne Credits

Josh Regan
Game Design and Development, Raredrop Games

Luke Thomas
SFX and Music, Freelancer

presskit() by Rami Ismail (Vlambeer) - also thanks to these fine folks