Raredrop Games

Founding Date
28th March 2015

Raredrop Games is an independent game development studio based in Bristol, UK.

The company was founded by Josh Regan in 2015 in the pursuit of creating independent games reminiscent of the late '90s and early post-millennium classics.

In 2016 the studio released “To The Throne” for iOS, a Game Boy inspired minimalist puzzle game. The studio has also assisted on external projects such as No More Robots' “Not Tonight”.

Most recently Raredrop Games has developed and released the mecha tactics game "WARBORN" for PC and console with help from frequent collaborators Tom Waterhouse and Luke Thomas.


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To The Throne (iOS)
WARBORN (PC, macOS, Switch, PlayStation®4, Xbox One)

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Raredrop Games was founded in 2015 by Josh Regan after several years of working on mobile games and applications as a software engineer. Having completed a games technology degree some years prior, Josh founded Raredrop Games with the goal of getting back to what he had originally set out to do, make his own games.

Josh set to work developing the first two games: Classy Quest and To The Throne. Both of which were released for iOS. Near the end of development on To The Throne in 2016, Chris Waldron joined the team to help spread the workload.

After the release of To The Throne, the decision was made to move away from mobile and towards PC and console. The early concept and prototype of WARBORN started around this time. In early 2017 Josh and Chris decided to part ways (on good terms!) and Chris went on to develop his own games while Josh continued work on WARBORN.

Raredrop Games Team

Josh Regan


Luke Thomas
Tom Waterhouse
Chris Waldron
Sarah Bright

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